Break in art invites you to meet the most iconic figures of the art world: gallerists. They have what we call “an eye”, they discover new artists and share their passion. But they also must manage small businesses, find clients and close great deals. They are inevitable intermediaries of the art world. This third event is dedicated to them: find out more about their activities and challenges.

What are we going to do?

Three gallerists will open their doors for us. A chance to visit different types of galleries, and meet very different personalities.

  • What is the role of a gallerist?

  • What is a successful gallery?

  • What is the relationship between the artist and the gallerist?

  • Should I buy art in gallery? If yes, how?

  • And more…

Where ?

We will meet in the heart of the Marolles (Brussels, Belgium). Not too far from the famous galleries of the Sablon and the new fancy contemporary art scene of the Avenue Louise, this neighbourhood offers a series of innovative and charming galleries, worth exploring!


Saturday September 16th, at 2.30 pm

How much?

15 € per person. To assure a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone, the group will be limited to 15 persons. Don't wait too long to book your ticket! :)

How to book your ticket?

Easy! Send us your contact information via the form below, and we take contact with you afterwards.



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