How do I register to the events?

Simply go to the event section - or facebook page - and follow the steps. You usually just have to send us an email a few days in advance + make the transfer for the little fee.

How much do the events cost?

Being part of the community is totally free! We only ask participants to cover for the cost of the Saturday events they want to attend. The fee will always be different depending on what we'll do and where we'll go.

Who is it for?

Every young enthusiast is positively welcome to attend any of our events. Come with your friends or by yourself, you’ll always feel welcome. And we understand that collecting might not appeal to everyone. Most of the time, just looking feels good.

Do I have to attend all the events?

Not at all. Choose the subjects/places/people you are interested in!

Do I have to be invited to the events?

Not at all. Consider you are already invited!

In which language are the events?

Most events will be held in French. If you’re not a native French speaker, don’t hesitate to ask questions during the event if something seems unclear. If there are enough English speaking attendees, we're also totally down to do them in English!

Is Break in art independent?

Totally. "Break in art" is not related nor funded by any cultural organization or art dealer. We select places based on the sole quality of what they offer.

Other questions?

Just ask 🙌 

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